Saturday, May 02, 2009

Reserve Early for Pub Crawls, Sunset Cruises, and Day Sails to Tintamarre

Celine catamaran captain Neil Roebert tells us his lagoon pub crawls, sunset cruises, and day sails to Tintamarre are all selling out in advance these days, even though we're in the low season. (Our members get discounts on all Neil's cruises; see details later in this article).

Uncle Harry's is a Pub Crawl focal point. But don't be surprised to see good-natured pirates on these Pub Crawls; Neil is offering pirate garb to passengers as a fun theme. We'll have more news about the food on the Pub Crawl coming shortly. Rest assured you will not go home hungry.

We've done the pub crawl, sunset cruise, and Tintamarre sail several times each. Members: visit and follow the instructions in our Member Benefits List / Welcome Letter to make reservations with Neil and get the JMB Website Supporters members-only discount on any of his cruises. You'll need the password in the Welcome Letter.

After the trip, Neil gives JMB members a souvenir bought especially for them by and JMB Website Supporters.